Friday, May 15, 2009


McSweeney's explains twitter.

Sad passing of Tom Kennedy a few weeks back. I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly when driving my art car around center camp on the playa. I witnessed Tom at the helm of the Great White Whale make an impossible pass alongside The Contessa, only to ram the side of the ship. You can't make that stuff up.

These Monopoly print ads get to it.

Frank Chu signmaker. Awesomeness.

Mardi Gras parade in tilt shift. So great. Via laughing squid.


Great iphone app sites.

Mini and Airstream - wow.

Saving relationships, one month at a time. Now available on iphone and FB.

This just in: Specter joins Wu Tang Clan.

Gallery of anonymity.

An 05 interview with Cindy Morgan, from Tron and Caddyshack fame.

Where in Bueller are you in life?

NYU one-take music video project.

This amusement park time lapse put a smile on my face, and made me want to hurl.

Cheat sheet for going back in time.

All 172 Star Trek Voyager episodes played as one big HD file.

Sand Dancer.

Anti-advertising art show in LA - via laughingsquid.

A lot of twitterers fly to Florida?

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